Kabbalat Shabbat | March 29, 2019

At this year’s Nigun Collective Shabbat gathering, we will introduce less-often sung melodies for the Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Since will not be recording on Shabbat, we have put together an anticipated “playlist.” Below are melodies we have identified and plan to sing. Feel free to listen as a way to get acquainted before Friday evening.

Yedid Nefesh: Yedid Nefesh by George Mordechai

Psalm 95: L’khu N’ran’nah by Joey Weisenberg

Psalm 96: Yah Ribon by George Mordechai

Psalm 97: Or Zarua by Shir Yaakov Feit

Psalm 98: Zamru LAdonai by Nava Tehila

Psalm 99: Romemu by Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks

Psalm 29: Mizmor L’David by Shlomo Carlebach

Ana B’choach: Melody by Yael Illah or Joey Weisenberg

L’cha Dodi: Shtiebl Nigun [track 5] by Eli Wirtschafter (+ one more!)

Psalm 92: Ma Gadlu by Shefa Gold

Psalm 93 (Mikolot Mayim): Peace in the Streets (?) melody originally by Rav Aharon of Karlin